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Many of Cam's commissions for original music and sound design have come from the world of modern dance, ice skating, equestrian riders, and visual art.

Works have ranged from compositions for small, intimate performance spaces to pieces conceived and composed for large indoor and outdoor spaces.

Cam can provide pre-recorded music as required for corporate multi-media shows, dance, theatre, figure skating, or any type of performance space.  His up-to-date home studio recording equipment ensures fully professional sound quality.  Being experienced in needing to create and produce music for various concert spaces, ranging from open fields to skating arenas to black-box theaters, you can rest easy knowing that your special requirements are being carefully considered in the creative process.

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Film Scoring

Cam has composed a wide variety of music for film makers including the US National Park Service and numerous independent film producers and directors.  Several of the films have won awards for their producers (including the 'American Indian Film Festival' and 'NY Women in Film Festival') and have been screened on PBS television.  Over the years, films have also appeared at the Telluride, Atlanta, New Orleans, Tel Aviv, and Los Angeles film festivals.

Sound tracks have been delivered using both traditional and non-traditional musical instruments (including synthesizers and samplers), and Cam is very experienced in creating scores that use a combination of 'real' and 'sampled' music sources and instruments scored and mixed together.

Depending on budgets, Cam can produce and deliver sound tracks and finished scores from his own home studio to be be delivered in any format for today's software video editing programs.  

Proper score preparation, instrument part extraction, and printing can also be prepared to suit any ensemble, conductor, producer, or music editor's needs and requirements.

Cam has worked with all sorts of personalities in the film business and is accustomed to dealing collaboratively to deliver the product people need.

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Concert Music

Cam's concert music, or 'art music', includes works for woodwind trio, large jazz ensembles, brass band, string quartet, brass trios, trombone quartet, jazz nonet, jazz quartets, concert band, voice, piano, and more.

He prefers the description 'Art Music' instead of the time-worn 'Classical Music', seeing as the latter description really only defines a past time in history.

Cam's original 'art music' reflects his own musical experiences coming from the worlds of jazz, orchestral, chamber, avant-garde, 'world' music, and film music.

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Cam is available for commissions from all types of ensembles.  Due to his own experience as a trombone player in orchestral, jazz, studio, and other genres of music, he appreciates fully professional, thoughtful music copying and score preparation in order to ensure smooth running rehearsals and performances.  Proper score preparation, instrument part extraction, and printing are all provided by the composer.

To talk to Cam about some musical or artistic ideas for you or your organization or to commission original music, contact him at 240-500-6087, or send a letter to

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