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Dancer/choreographer Heather Harrington created new versions of dances to music that I had previously composed for her. She performed 'I Will Wade Out' and 'I Don't Like Mondays' at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and also had her work 'Once Again’, with my music, performed by the Ice Theatre of New York at the Rockefeller Center skating rink in addition to the Ice Theatre's home show.

I’m hard at work preparing for our upcoming season of 'HorsePower Live!’ 

Am adding some new music, as the show keeps evolving and growing.

We have shows taking us around Ontario, into Quebec, and then back to Toronto's CNE grounds for 3 weeks in August. After that, we have some fall fairs in Ontario. Get all the news at our website!

This particular promo video (which features more of my music without having the voiceover),  gives you an idea of all the fun and excitement. There are other videos and photos on the official HorsePower Live website.

Recent composition projects

Last November, I was honoured to be asked to compose music for Toronto's  "Royal Rodeo of the Royal Winter Fair" (opening/introductory music for host/mc, colourguard and flag carriers, and special guest host, Canadian TV star Amber Marshall of CBC's 'Heartland')

Here is the opening that I captured on my camera, and it came out very well!  I shot this video from 'backstage', the area where the cowboys and stock are gathered. There's a view of the arena's big screen where the video production for the webcast and audience showing the production work. The show was produced by Robert (Bob) MacAskill and my brother, Ross Millar. Great show, guys!

To hear some original music from a variety of past projects, please go to 'Listen / Watch'

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