Dance, Ice, Equestrian 

Audio sampler from Music for Dance  - music from a variety of commissioned modern dance scores

'Once Again' - Ice Theatre of New York - Heather Harrington, choreographer

                     - a beautiful work by Heather for this internationally famous 'dance-on-ice' company based in New York City

Dancing With Horses, 'Kalliope' JoAnna Mendl Shaw, choreographer

                     - commissioned by the Shelburne Museum, Burlington VT. Large-scale work for equestrian riders and dancers on the green at the

                  Shelburn Museum, inspired by an original kalliope merry-go-round. A young girl meets the characters and horses as they come to life!

Heather Harrington - excerpts from collaborations with Heather Harrington, choreographer, NYC

                  - presented at Merce Cunningham Studio NY, Wave Hill NY, and St. Marks NY

'Cornfield Dances'  - Kitty Clark, dancer / choreographer, Shepherdstown, WV

                     - a dance that was created over the course of a year, presenting the same field through the different seasons

Dancing With Horses, 'Landscape'JoAnna Mendl Shaw, choreographer

                     - commissioned by Mt. Holyoke College, MA. Three site-specific works for equestrian riders and dancers which took          

                      place over a two day period. A fall-scape hillside, the college square, and inside the equestrian arena.

'Rock, Wood, Water'- excerpts from a dance made for film, Kitty Clark, choreographer

                           - youth and elders dance on the banks of the Potomac River, Shepherdstown WV

'Remember'  - Goose Route Arts Collaborative, Shepherdstown, WV

                     - one of two large-scale outdoor, site-specific, multi-media projects presented at the US National Fish and Wildlife Center

'Are We There Yet ?' - Kitty Clark, choreographer/dancer, Cam Millar trombone

                         - at the Jack Guidone Theater, Washington, DC; inspired by a painting by 'Group of Seven' painter Franklin Carmichael

'Glace' - excerptsClaire Panke, filmmaker (skating on film)

               - this was an New York University film students' graduate thesis film

excerpts from 'Ice Theatre of New York' - Cam Millar, skater/trombone/composer;  JoAnna Mendl-Shaw, choreographer

                   - here I am, skating (and playing my trombone!) along with music and soundscore which I wrote and pre-recorded

© Cam Millar 2021