Film Music

Audio samplers

atmospheric excerpts of sound design from film scores ….. ethereal, dreamy, evocative moods

- audio collage from film music and film soundscapes - action, surreal, world sounds, tension, comedic, bold, moving                         

"Farmers to the Bay: We're all in this together"by the 'Downstream Project'

- produced for the "Chesapeake Bay Foundation" , this film is about a program that brings farmers from the Shenandoah Valley out to Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay in order to find out about the concerns that can bond farmers and fishermen together

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U.S. National Park Service films (excerpts) (13'44")        

Weetu Cikliituckt - Nez Perce Big Hole Battle Monument; Big Hole, Montanta; Anne Tubiolo, producer 

John Day Fossil Beds; Oregon; Anne Tubiolo, producer


music from 'Weetu Cikliituckt' film

music from 'John Day Fossil Bed' film

Excerpts from 2 short Independent films 

'Home',  Elizabeth Downer, director (award-winning film at the 'American Indian Film Festival', starring actress Kateri Walker)

- 'NIce',  Dean McFlicker, director (New York University graduate student thesis film of this well known producer/director)

 'Speaking Up for the Piedmont', a project for the 'Piedmont Environmental Council' of Virginia.


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"Waterdogs" - about the genesis of citizen water monitoring efforts in North Central Pennsylvania in response to the rush to Marcellus Shale drilling and its potential effects on our water.


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