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I composed Jupiter years ago, and despite it having been performed often in various jazz settings it has never been recorded. So I took the opportunity to play my trombone for the melody, create and produce the backup band, and especially wanted to do so in order to present and feature the Astrophotography of Rob Brogaard. 

Rob's work can be found at His photos remind us of the vastness, mystery, beauty, and exciting possibilities that await us all ...which I tried to reflect in the music and recording.


This arrangement has a trombone melody and improvisation, and is best described as an 'orchestral-pops' arrangement with a jazz element. The 'Huron Carol', with it's beautifully haunting melody is attributed to a 17th Century Jesuit missionary living among the Hurons, an Iroquois speaking tribe living north of Lake Ontario. Based on a traditional French folk song, it tells the story of the Nativity, and original lyrics were in the Hurons' language.